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Sounds too good to be true!. If you own a business in Australia you are lucky enough to be awarded by our absolutely free quality hosting package. The free Bronze package has all features a webmaster needed. We know this is unbelievable and the first thing comes into mind that there’s got be a catch but believe us there is no catch in it.
You do not have to pay us any cent until you opt for our premier services. For free hosting we only require you to display “Powered by Webpedia” and link text to http://www.webpedia.com.au somewhere in footer in a small font.

We also offer premier hosting services along with web development and graphic designing services for the beginning user as well as options for those users who need extra features to make their site a success. Click below to choose our or premier packages.

Free Delight
1 Domain hosted
FTP Access
No popup or forced advertisement
1,000 MB web space
5 GB monthly transfer
Online Documentation
1 Email Account
Email support
Web Professionals
Unlimited domain hosted
Beautiful Template Design
Customised to the Needs
5-8 pages text & photos
Form-to-Email page
1 Year Premium Hosting
Unlimited emails
Php & mySQL
Email & phone support

Web Power Package
Features in Web Professionals plus
Beautiful Custom Design
Custom Graphics
5 javascipts / cgi scripts
Form-to-Email or database
interactive pages
Logo design if needed
Animated banner
Email, phone support

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